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Creating an Earthy Aesthetic - A Sensory Fashion Experience by Charlie Darwin

earthy aesthetic clothing

Creating an Earthy Aesthetic - A Sensory Fashion Experience

Hi friends! Welcome to the vibrant and earthy underworld of Charlie Darwin Textiles :) When I started Charlie Darwin, I didn't necessarily have words to describe it... I just knew what feeling I wanted and that I couldn't find it anywhere else. With little blueprint to follow, I put that emotion into fabric and dyes and made it myself.

2.5 years later, I think maybe I'm noticing there are some words I repeatedly pair with that feeling I am trying to evoke through my clothing.

One of them is... "Earthy".

Feelings/moods/vibes/aesthetics are far more expansive in energy than words will ever be. They are made of a million subtle cues and signals that we take in through all of our sensory systems.

To pursue a vibe or aesthetic is truly to create or curate an entire sensory experience.

What makes life so rich is that every sensory signal and cue is experienced differently by each participant-- I perceive a look or a smell differently than my brother will, and differently than my cat Junip will (and she perceives it differently than my cat Squash will).

So perhaps you'd say my clothing brand has an earthy aesthetic... or maybe you'd call it something else. Maybe the way it looks and feels and smells is calming to you, or energizing, freeing, safe, or exciting. All can be true. All can be nuanced to your bodily experience.

I'm excited to take you on a journey through the multitude of ways that I design Charlie Darwin Textiles to have a perceivably Earthy Aesthetic.

I've wrapped this up into both a video and blog post, so choose your own adventure below :)

My commitment to eco-consciousness:

At Charlie Darwin Textiles, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's at the core of everything we do. I've made it our mission to offer eco-conscious alternatives to the fast fashion industry. I meticulously craft our garments from 100% linen, a material grown from plants and the quickest to biodegrade back into the earth. I take it a step further by utilizing plant-based dyes, ensuring our clothing not only radiates earth tones but also leaves a minimal ecological footprint.

Creating consistency across collections

One of my key principles is maintaining consistency across our brand. I want you to create a timeless wardrobe, effortlessly mixing pieces from different collections. Whether you shopped with us two years ago or plan to do so five years from now, my commitment to earthy, sustainable fashion remains steadfast. My dedication to using linen as our primary fabric source ensures that each garment not only feels lightweight and breathable but also aligns with our long-term sustainability goals.

Variations within the earthy vibes

Let's delve into the essence of our unique earthy vibes. While each collection has a distinct charm, they all share a common thread of earthiness. I don't execute drastic shifts between collections, but you might notice one leaning towards adventure-ready attire while another caters to special occasions. Yet, that earthy, lightweight, and breathable feel remains constant. I believe in creating clothing that effortlessly transitions from one adventure to another, with earthy tones and plant-based materials at its core.

An energy that comes from within

Ever wonder what truly motivates Charlie Designs? It's personal. I create clothes that I genuinely adore, clothes I'd happily wear myself, even if I weren't in the business of selling them. This journey began with the notion that even if nobody else appreciated what I was creating, at least I'd have fantastic clothing in my own closet. That guiding principle continues to shape our brand today. My hands-on approach ensures that each piece resonates with my personal style, embodying the earthy and down-to-earth qualities I cherish.

Uniquely Earthy

Charlie Darwin Textiles tries not to get caught up in the traditions of fashion. Through my approach, from marketing to choice of materials, custom sizing, and handcrafted quality, I hope to bring a refreshing uniqueness to the table. I'm really committed to maintaining an earthy, authentic human identity - something I can't seem to find anywhere else. I rarely see real people like me (very short!), wearing clothes that are genuinely made from plants and look visually satisfying being worn outdoors.

Capturing the vibes through photography and styling

So, how do I translate the vibe to you? It's not merely about fabric and stitching; it's about storytelling through photography and styling. Our photoshoots unfold in outdoor settings, adding depth and texture to our visuals. While locations may vary, each one adds an element of surprise and mystery to our imagery. These photoshoots allow us to showcase our clothing in real-life situations, emphasizing the practicality and versatility of our earthy garments.

I personally oversee the photo editing process, striving for moodier, darker tones while preserving the natural highlights. When it comes to styling, I opt for earth-toned shoes, locally sourced earrings, and minimal makeup to maintain a genuine, down-to-earth feel.

I'm here to help you dress intuitively, and from the heart.

Thank you for being a part of this eco-conscious adventure!

Thanks for being here! 👋

Whether you're a longtime supporter or a new addition to the Charlie Darwin Textiles family, I deeply appreciate your support. If my journey resonates with you, then you might also like to get my emails where I share more about my newest designs, creations, and small business updates :)


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