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Plant-based dyes

Every Charlie Darwin garment can be purchased in undyed (white), or hand-dyed using pigments from plants. This allows us to customize every garment down to the shade of blue, and the plant-based dyes are much better for the environment, too!

See below for our current plant-based dye colors.

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womens linen indigo jumper


Black Tea & Iron


Womens naturally dyed grey dress
Womens naturally dyed clothing in the USA


Dusty Pink

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Black Tea


Womens plant dyed clothing in brown

Request fabric samples

Want to see for yourself? Get one set of 2x2" fabric samples sent to you FREE via snail mail. I'll include all dye options currently available, plus undyed white.

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Charlie Darwin Natural Dye color options

about Plant-based dyes

These dyes make our clothes different! Most clothing out in the world is dyed with synthetically manufactured dyes that cater to the masses, but the wastewater from synthetic dye operations can have a toxic effect on living beings and wide-spanning ecological implications. And on a personal level, our clothing spends lots of time rubbing up against our biggest organ, the skin, so we aren't taking any risks. These are reasons why Charlie Darwin has committed to coloring our clothes using pigments found in plants that are safe to get wrapped up in.

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