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Designing Handmade Clothing - my sustainable fashion design process!

Charlie Darwin Textiles linen clothing

Crafting Clothing with Heart: Behind the Scenes of Charlie Darwin's Sustainable Fashion Designs

Hi friends! Welcome behind the scenes of the sustainable fashion design process for Charlie Darwin! Our clothing brand is your go-to for a linen wardrobe that's all about living from a place of heart, creativity, and adventure. I'm excited (and a little bit nervous for my first time YouTube-ing!) to take you on a journey through the magic that happens when I design handmade clothing. It's a one-woman show here, so I can't wait to share my process with all of you.

I've wrapped this up into both a video and blog post, so choose your own adventure below :)

Step 1: Filling My Closet Gaps

Let's dive into my design process, shall we? First things first, I open up my closet and take a good, honest look at what's missing. I'm not just talking about the upcoming seasons, but also those moments when I need clothing that's both comfy and semi-professional. Right now, I'm knee-deep in a Ph.D. program, so comfort is my best friend. Additionally, I optimize all of my clothing for outdoor adventure so that it can go from biz casual to a hike.

Step 2: The Realistic Route

Now, let's get real about achievability. I mean, we're all juggling a million things, right? Here's what I ponder:

a) Time: Seriously, how much time can I squeeze out for designing amid my studies and life in general?

b) Cost: Creating beautiful pieces is fantastic, but I want them to be affordable to my customers too.

c) Skill Check: I know my strengths, and I'm all for challenges, but there's a line, you know? I want to avoid creating things that end up looking like a DIY gone wrong. And... no zippers for me, they' drive me crazy to sew!

d) Fabric Fun: My true love is linen—it's eco-friendly and feels like a soft hug. But it's not stretchy, so I have to work around that.

Step 3: What Sells and Sparks Joy

I'm no mind-reader, but I've learned a lot about what works and what you all love. Sales trends, customer feedback, and some good old-fashioned introspection help me figure out what designs are on point.

Step 4: A Dash of Personal Growth

I'm always up for a creative challenge, whether it's adding a special touch to a collar or exploring fresh color combinations. Pinterest is my playground, and it's where I gather loads of design inspiration.

Step 5: Bringing It All Together

Let's talk collections. I'm all about cohesiveness. When I introduce a new piece, it's like adding a puzzle piece to complete a bigger picture. Whether it's pairing pants with the right top or ensuring everything has a consistent vibe, I want my photoshoots to feel like a complete story.

Step 6: Drawing Dreams

Finally, it's time to put pencil to ipad. I sketch different versions of a design, from knee patches to bows. It's my way of testing ideas and making sure each piece has that sprinkle of magic and well-matched color schemes.

And there you have it—my creative journey from concept to clothing! Crafting for myself or sharing with you all, it's a passion that keeps my heart full. If you enjoyed this glimpse into the world of Charlie Darwin, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel or sign up to get email updates about new posts! There's more to come, from behind-the-scenes peeks to styling tips. Until next time, take care :)


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