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FALL 2023 Collection Sneak Peek (+new BTS video series! and a mustache!)


As the summer wanes and cooler temps approach-- Charlie Darwin is digging up new designs for long sleeves, baggy pants, and cozy scarves :) SPOILER ALERT, it will all be in soft luxury linen, because I'm obsessed with it, SUE ME 😎.

If you're looking for good news in the world, here are three exciting things that you can look forward to in the coming weeks!

1. Charlie Darwin FALL 2023 Promo Video [Here's just the TEASER! 🎥]

2. Video series: Behind-the-Scenes of my Design/Photography/Styling process! ▶️

Subscribe to my budding YouTube channel so that you don't miss out on me rocking your world with these upcoming vids 😎

3. A new guest model for the Fall Collection photoshoot! 📸

Hint: There will be a mustache involved. I'll let you guess which shape it will be ⬇️❓

In other news... 🎉

🌿Shirt to Dirt has been a success! Over 140 people joined our citizen science experiment to see how long it takes linen fabric to biodegrade. See the photo gallery here!

The experiment is now closing to new participants, and we may or may not bring the experiment back next year (TBH it all depends on the way the wind blows me). You can catch my initial summary of the results sometime around the end of 2023!


📖I'm back at it for another Fall semester of my Ph.D. program...😶‍🌫️ Please stock up on Charlie Darwin clothing, if for nothing else, to give me worthy distractions from all the reading I'll have to do 😭.

Sewing > Reading.

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