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Inspiration: the JUNEBUG jumpsuit coming 7/26

petite women's coveralls

New designs are coming soon!

One of which is the JUNEBUG linen jumpsuit, with short sleeves, boat neck, button closure at the back of the neck, elastic waist, and roomy front pockets.

Available to purchase 7/26/22

You can see the full preview of the new collection here.


Behind the JUNEBUG jumpsuit design:

Images on my mind lately...

Fabrics and notions...

petite women's coveralls

I used a pearly seashell button for closure on this piece to elevate the design to something still earthy, but less rustic than my usual wooden buttons.

Of course, I went with my classic midweight linen for this entire collection (I'm addicted!). It's been pre-softened and is perfectly opaque (not see through) to wear with or without a bra or with crazy undies. Most importantly for this jumpsuit though, it is very durable and breathable at the same time. I love jumpsuits, but I often think 'when is the weather just right to want to wear long pants and short sleeves?' Well here it doesnt matter because this fabric is such a powerful temperature regulator! Roll up the pant hemline on the hottest of days, but I was so surprised at just how breathable these pants can be.

I recently found out that my linen has been OEKO-TEX certified, meaning the OEKO-TEX organization tests the fabric for over 100 harmful toxins and chemicals before approving them for public use. This is known as Standard 100 and you can read more about it here:

woohoo! Love a fun sustainability surprise :)


petite women's coveralls
petite women's coveralls

I went with indigo blue for my naturally dyed sample. I usually push toward my indigo blue when the piece feels like a more bouncy playful thing to wear, and grey when it feels more moody. I achieved a relatively solid color here by making several dips in the dye bath and stirring it around each time so that the entire garment could be saturated. In the past, my indigo offerings have often been more of a tie-dye look, but I really am drawn to how rich this one turned out.

Design details...

petite women's coveralls

petite women's coveralls

The biggest question I run into when designing jumpsuits is "how can I get my body into this garment?" The width of your hips has to essentially fit through the same opening as the head hole. After several iterations, I landed on a back center seam that is actually completely open, but overlapping by several inches. So the left back center seam and the right back center seam overlap by about 4 inches, then angle to meet perfectly in the center at the nape of the neck-- secured by a single seashell button. It's important to me that my clothing is easy to put on, so the top button is the most accessible/reachable option!


On or after July, 26th 2022, you can find JUNEBUG in the Charlie Darwin Clothing Collection.

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petite women's coveralls

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28 de out. de 2023

Queries -

* What are "boiler suits overalls"?

* The bodice unbuttons at the back of the neck, then what? Is there a waist button, too, or is the elastic waist ample enough to pull down over the hips? (Sometimes one just doesn't have the time to fuss with getting such a garment off. >_< )

Thank you,


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