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Kittens in Linens!

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

cat wearing linen dress

The kittens that meow relentlessly at the door of my home studio have fallen victim to my linen obsession.

Spot them in their linen "pinafores" that I crafted the evening before "National dress up your pet day" this year! I used scraps of the linen/cotton blend that is usually used for the ATLAS long-sleeve top.

Squash sort of looks like an inpatient at an 1800s mental asylum, but also like the cutest floating fur head that I've ever met...

cat wearing a dress

To draft the simple design, all I needed was their neck, chest, and shoulder circumference, plus an approximate measurement of their torso length. I cut a semi-circle (for the head) out of the tops of 2 rectangle pieces, stitched the two rectangles together at the shoulders, added some ruffles and waist ties, and voila! These ladies are Charlie Darwin reps. They regularly wear a harness to go outside, so playing a little dress-up was just another day at the circus for them :)

See my sketch below for more specific instructions. I serged all the edges to keep them from unraveling, but you could also use a zigzag stitch (or a blanket stitch, if doing it by hand!):

how to sew a cat dress pinafore

These girls just turned 1 year old, so many more dress-up days to come!

If you want to join in the fun, pet clothing and pet toys could be the perfect craft for you to create using the naturally dyed fabric scrap bundles, offered in the Crafting section of Charlie Darwin! Be warned, these addictive bundles are only available a few times per year, as I need time to regrow the stockpile!

Naturally dyed linen is super soft, incredibly durable, lightweight, and gentle on the skin. You can also get some linen clothing for your human self over in my shop at !

Naturally dyed fabric for sale

Lately @ Charlie Darwin:

Look for the upcoming launch of a brand new Kitchen Collection in our "Nesting" section, featuring 3 textures and weights of 100% linen for cooking and dining. The first collection will be in our classic undyed off-white and will be launching on Monday, 6/27/22. Get updates by subscribing to our email newsletter!

how to make a cat shirt


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