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buried meditation book experiment kit

Get your

Below, you can request the supplies you'll need to participate in the Shirt to Dirt citizen science experiment!

(First time hearing about this? Read the full project description here!

This page is just for one version a bigger project.)

Buried Books by Emma Freeman

What's our goal?

Together, our goal is to better understand how long it takes linen fabric to biodegrade, while exploring what it means to transform and how it feels to co-create artwork with the Earth.

You and I will create the first visual database of linen degradation. Along the way, we'll share the project goals, results, and insights with our communities. 

How will it work?

I'll send you a small bundle of my linen fabric scraps in an assortment of textures, weights, sizes, and plant-dyed colors (+ a needle, and linen thread).


You'll make a fabric book that speaks to you using these materials and incorporate organic materials like sticks or stones. It is important to use earth materials since the book will be going into the earth. Slowly stitch on the pages, allowing the process to be soothing and healing. Artist Emma Freeman will provide you with guided prompts for artistic inspiration and personal reflection. 


Once your earth book is sewn, plant it underground somewhere accessible. Every two weeks, you'll dig it up and upload a photo of the degradation to our online database. What will unfold is a process of co-creation (and disintegration) with the Earth!

Where and When?

No matter where you are in the (contiguous) U.S., you can be a part of this project by participating in the 8-week experiment, anytime between June and September 2023 (no science experience is necessary)!

Get your
earth book

experiment kit


Buried Books by Emma Freeman
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This kit includes

Copy of laptop sleeves scarves glasses cases ornaments mini quilts.png
  • 4-5 pieces of linen fabric (around the size of your hand), in various weights, textures, and plant-based dye colors

  • Embroidery needle and plant-dyed linen embroidery thread

  • A wooden popsicle stick to mark your burial spot

  • Written prompts and a video course led by Emma Freeman of Creative Unearthing, guiding and inspiring you through the making of your fabric meditation book

  • A shirt-to-dirt experiment guidebook with quick and easy instructions for burying and uploading photos

  • An invitation to our group's Facebook page

your job:

Charlie Darwin original illustration
Charlie Darwin original illustration
Charlie Darwin original illustration
Charlie Darwin original illustration
Charlie Darwin original illustration

1. Stitch your fabric book however you like

3. Every 2 weeks, dig up your fabric book!

2. Bury your fabric book

4. Take a photo of your artwork

5. Upload your photo on the Charlie Darwin submission form

6. (optional) Share your photos on social media!


Instagram: Use the hashtag #shirt2dirt and #buriedearthbookproject and tag Leah @charli.e.darwin and Emma @emmafreemanart


Facebook: tag @Charliedarwinco

7. Repeat steps 2-5 biweekly until you've run the experiment for 8 weeks total.

what to do after you request your kit:

  • You will be automatically subscribed to the Shirt-to-Dirt email thread. Check your email inbox for our first note to you!

  • You'll be asked to answer a couple of quick questions so we can get to know you better.

  • Your kit will be hand-packaged and shipped out within 2 weeks. You'll receive an email when it's on its way. 

  • When you receive your kit, read the instructions provided, and please follow them closely so we aren't adding too many crazy variables to our experiment! 

  • Once you upload your first photo (of your burial spot), you will be automatically enrolled in biweekly email reminders to do your next dig & photo upload.

Sound like fun?
come get your hands dirty with us!

Linen biodegredation project
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