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Best Accessory for Dark Academia Photography or a Dark Academia Wedding

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The skeleton of an enchanted closet 🌙

May the spine of the butterfly carry your finest threads with grace and purpose.

As an independent fashion designer for my small brand, I enjoy taking a break from working with the flexible woven linen to put my hands to work on something solid. To take a break from the complexities of garment sizing and natural dye recipes in order to work on a more predictable structure.

As my wooden hangers hold gowns, capes, coats, and uniforms, they become the spine and shoulders to the garment when it is away from the human body.

dark academia photography prop

I find these hand-carved clothes hangers help tell the story of the unique clothing I hang from them.

Each is hand-carved from poplar wood and finely sanded for a soft buttery feel that highlights the natural wood grain. I created 3 different wood-burned designs that I felt captured the natural energies of plants and animals residing in the dark wooded areas of the earth.

dark academia wedding prop

You could use them as an unconventional keepsake to remember the magic of your special event, or as a form of handcrafted quirkiness to accompany your finest threads that you'd like to put on display.


7 Ideas for using our hand-carved wooden hanger as a prop for dark academia photography, dark academia wedding, or just because you can:

This artisanal hand-carved, wood burned wooden clothes hanger is perfect for:

  • Photographers: Bridal shoot props, Photoshoot props for wedding, fashion photography, dark academia photography, or bohemian photography.

  • Dark Academia Wedding: wedding-dress hanger, groom or groomsman hanger, dark academia bridesmaid gifts.

  • Special gift: for yourself or a meaningfully unique gift to a friend who loves this aesthetic

  • Fun closet accessory: for your most special occasion clothing

  • Keepsake: to commemorate a graduation, award, or another special event

  • Functional and folksy home decoration for your nest

  • Every-day use: A beautiful, durable, and timeless alternative to cheap plastic hangers that break under heavyweight

Dark academia photography prop

Each wood hanger is hand-carved, wood burned, and finished with organic tung oil, in my Providence, RI studio. All designs are original!

They are available to purchase here.

See how I showcase my artisanal clothing with the Enchanted Wooden Clothes Hangers:

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