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Stand out while blending into the earth.

Durable, soft, natural fiber garments that will quickly become part of your personal ecosystem. 


Earthy stuff, locally handmade.

Charlie Darwin Textiles are rooted in earthy textures,  artisanally constructed with plant-based fabrics and dyes.


All garments are sewn to your body's custom measurements. Our signature 100% linen fabric is OEKO-TEX certified (free from harmful toxins and chemicals). 

Mindfully designed and crafted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.




If it's not in its pure, undyed state, then it's been hand-dyed with pigments from plants. 



Each piece is custom-sized and tailored to your body height. 

custom tailored clothing in the US

Best Sellers

Fashion revolution clothing brand
Hi, I'm Leah!

I create


eco friendly fashion

for Earthy bodies using

quality natural fibers & dyes,

durable seams &

mendable garments,

made-to-order, minimal-waste production,

custom sizing &

a fair wage for fine craftsmanship.

White linen dress with collar
Charlie Darwin Textiles

Follow the process.

Charlie Darwin Textiles strives to be the best sustainable clothing brand for gender neutral, custom-tailored, and plant-dyed clothing in the United States. Ecofriendly fashion is the only way forward! 

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