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Earthy Accessories to Wear with Linen

Updated: May 1, 2023

Many people find linen clothing lovely to wear in all seasons because it out-performs other fabrics in regulating body temperature. Out of all the fabric choices, I feel I get the most wear (and therefore lifetime value) out of my linen clothing! All I need to change from season to season is how I layer it and what accessories I wear with it.

As an independent clothing designer, choosing the accessories for my photoshoots is one of my favorite tasks in curating an earthy, bohemian, and sometimes vintage-inspired look.


Here is a roundup of my favorite earthy accessories that accentuate that soft, lightweight feel of wearing linen in Spring!

1. Lightweight cotton gauze scarf - naturally dyed by Charlie Darwin Textiles

This cotton scarf was dyed with pigments from plants and braided by hand for ample natural-fiber texture.

2. Polymer clay earrings from Fiercen Designs

I have the 'willow dangles', and because they have multi-color earth tones, they match many of my natural-fiber outfits!

Just like linen clothing, these lace-up oxford shoes are very comfortable and look amazing even as they get worn out.

4. Linen hip pocket by Charlie Darwin Textiles

Once that winter coat comes off, I'm suddenly scrambling to have enough pockets! The Charlie Darwin linen hip pocket is the perfect add-on accessory to hold our phone, keys, wallet, dog treats, love notes and more! The wooden buttons make this pocket adjustable on the waist and hips.

(Photos: Paired with the Saltwater linen 2-piece romper)

What else do you wear with linen clothes in the spring?

Ultimately I think natural fibers like linen pair incredibly well with earth tones, other natural fibers, and natural elements (like clay, wood, and leather)! Use your linen clothing as an opportunity to play around with texture, wrinkles, and layering -- you won't be disappointed :)

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