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Here's why a two piece romper is better than 1

Updated: May 3, 2023

why a two piece romper is better than one

Rompers are fun, flirty, festive-- hell even a little flashy if you get the right one. But I could give you a laundry list of reasons why rompers we've had in the past have driven us absolutely InSaNE...

Reasons why 1-piece rompers strip us of our dignity

(LOL you already know...)

  • Giving us extreme atomic wedgies when raising our arms above our head

  • Making us get completely naked in order to go to the bathroom

  • The top half fits us better than the bottom half (or vice versa) so we look like a disproportionate potato.

Where to Find a Two Piece Romper:

When I went to design a romper for you all (and for me!), making the top and bottom be two separate pieces was a no-brainer!!

Check out the SALTWATER linen romper from Charlie Darwin Textiles. It combines playfulness with the comfort, practicality, and versatility of a 2-piece set. It's been a best seller since it first launched in 2021!

This two piece romper from Charlie Darwin Textiles is composed of a shirt and a separate pair of shorts, because I understand you might want to mix and match, be able to use the restroom without having to get completely nude (we've all been there), and you might have a top size different than your bottoms.

You can Mix and Match your SALTWATER romper!

Enjoy the Versatility of a Two Piece Romper!

Wear these pieces separately, together, to the beach, out to lunch, or even as pajamas. Charlie Darwin clothing is made for all bodies and all types of humans. I think this 2-piece outfit is giving MAJOR summer uniform vibes.

PS. This 2-piece romper is available now in my online store and sometimes I introduce new dye colors.

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