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Inspiration for upcoming kitchen collection!

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

handmade linen dining set

For my latest collection, I've set out to develop my first kitchen linen set!

Coming on 6/28/22 - in the Charlie Darwin "Nesting" collections.

I believe I might have designed it for Alice in Wonderland if she was an eco-friendly minimalist living in a rustic Mid-Century Modern home.

The thoughtful design primarily plays with shape and texture, as circular stitches cut through square frames, and our thick deep-textured linen overlaps our smoothest, lightweight linen fabrics.

But of course, the design is more than just an aesthetic -- each piece honors Charlie Darwin's careful attention to function, durability, and quality.


Behind the design:

Playing with shapes

Combining fabrics + textures

For this collection, I experimented with 3 different "weights" of linen. The heaviest weight linen is nearly a terrycloth texture; After I wash it intensely, it softens up but also creates millions of deep peaks and valleys on its surface. I found this texture to be incredibly thirsty for moisture, making it perfectly absorbent for items like napkins and tea towels. But its thickness also provides additional heat protection for the oven mitt, pot holder, and placemat.

The lighter-colored linen is a softer, smoother, lighter-weight linen that provides such an interesting contrast in color and texture to the rough stuff.


handmade linen napkins in natural flax

Undyed in its natural form, linen fabric is a soft grey-ish taupe.


A visible quilter's running stitch holds together multiple layers of fabric and batting on the placemats, napkins, and pot holder. Each line is carefully stitched by hand.

Inspired by...

I'm recently inspired by the directionality of stitches and the visual flow that they create. Only real hands (not a machine) can create such perfectly imperfect texture. This kitchen linen set has been inspired by the stitches, colors, and shapes from artists such as Britt Fabello and Sabrina Garrasi.

On or after June, 28th 2022, you can find kitchen linens in the Charlie Darwin Kitchen Nesting Collection.

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