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Non-traditional, elegant linen dress ideas for an eco-friendly wedding ceremony (or elopement!)

Boho linen wedding gown for eco-friendly ceremony

Planning a plant-based or environmentally sustainable wedding requires a balance of eco-friendly values and earthy aesthetics. Luckily, both are becoming more accessible to brides every year, thanks to many handmade designers and artisans working with plant-based, biodegradable materials.

The beauty of planning your wedding your way is that you can ignore traditional wedding standards and wear a dress that truly empowers your individuality-- without making a mountain of plastic waste in the process.

Here are our top pics for non-traditional but elegant linen dresses for an eco-friendly wedding ceremony:

(pssst... both dresses come in natural undyed white flax, or naturally dyed with pigments from plants!)

1. The SCARCE FORESTER linen dress with wood buttons

Boho linen wedding gown for eco-friendly ceremony

Simple, soft elegance. The SCARCE FORESTER linen dress embodies your ongoing romance with the earth. With a bohemian blend between puffy vintage lantern sleeves and rustic wooden buttons, this folksy midi dress contains enchanting old-world magic you'll want to explore more of.

100% linen, undyed.

"Paired with my favorite jewelry, this dress radiates humble beginnings and many romantic adventures to come."


Boho linen wedding gown for eco-friendly ceremony

You'll love it because:

After your special event, you can re-wear it a million times over-- get it dirty in the garden or wear it unbuttoned as a soft, textured layer over your favorite natural-fiber outfit. This wedding dress will certainly not rot away in your closet!

Best for:

Wedding motif that is a blend of nature, vintage, minimalism, and folklore, with an intimate vibe.

Styling tips:

We'd pair this dress with pair of wooden or clay earrings, a flower crown, wavy hair, and bare feet or brown boots.


2. The GYPSY MOTH sleeveless linen gown

Boho linen wedding gown for eco-friendly ceremony

The GYPSY MOTH dress is a delicate blend of dance and poise. She is made from 100% linen, is washed twice for utmost softness, and the adjustable ties at the shoulders and underarm ensure the perfect gypsy-like fit.

You'll love it because:

The adjustable shoulder and under-arm ties make it a flexible fit on your special day. The flowy skirt on this gown inspires reckless dancing of the greatest kind.

Best for:

Wedding motif that is a blend of nature, bohemian neutral color pallete, and a minimal, simplistic, carefree vibe.

Styling tips:

We'd pair this dress with a chunky but comfortable wedge sandal, french braided headband hairstyle, and hoop earrings.

The Gypsy Moth dress is available in natural, undyed white linen flax (above), or naturally dyed using pigments from plants in any of the current Charlie Darwin dye offerings (black bean blue, below).


These handcrafted dresses are built to outlive you, and when they do meet their end, they will be nearly 100% compostable. Linen is soft, durable, and a soil-to-soil fabric.

Slow-Fashion clothing designer, Leah Widdicombe

All Charlie Darwin clothing is handmade from bizarre dreams and earthy textures, using all-natural fabrics and dyes.

All garments are sewn to your custom body measurements.

Mindfully crafted in Providence, RI, USA.


Whichever linen dress you pick, hang it up in style with our hand-carved, enchanted wooden clothes hangers.

Handcarved wooden clothes hangers for wedding and special event

As an unusual and mystifying tribute to the earth, these unconventional folk clothes hangers are an aesthetically pleasing and organic alternative to the traditional hanger. Each is hand-carved from poplar wood and finely sanded for a soft buttery feel and rustic appearance. The bewitching wood-burned design alludes to the whimsical plants, animals, and natural energies that reside in the deeply wooded areas of the earth. Use it as an unconventional keepsake to remember the magic of your special event!

Handcarved wooden clothes hangers for wedding and special event

The Design:

  • Slanted arms and rounded edges are designed to be gentle on delicate fabrics. Spaghetti strap notches can be added for free, by request.

  • The wood-burned design is an original illustration, done freehand (not on a machine).

Customization / Personalization:

  • It is possible to personalize it with a wood-burned engraving on the front or back. You should contact us with what you would like (such as name, wedding date, birth date, etc), and you will be sent a mockup.

A special gift for yourself or a meaningfully unique gift to a friend.

This artisanal hand-carved, wood-burned wooden clothes hanger is perfect for bohemian and eco-friendly weddings as a wedding dress, suit, or tuxedo hanger, or as the bridal party and bridesmaids gifts.

Handcarved wooden clothes hangers for wedding and special event

Do you plan to have a photographer at your eco-friendly wedding?

The enchanted wooden clothes hangers are a coveted item by wedding photographers who specialize in a natural bohemian vibe-- these give wedding-dress photos an additional indie-folk feel.


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