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Painting on linen textured paper!

Are you looking for textured paper for your next painting? A recycled art paper for your next collage? Try our recycled linen!

painting on linen textured paper

As the paper is often seen as a blank-slate boring background, it is so exciting to see this textured paper become a part of the artwork. After compiling a mountain of fabric scraps from my clothing line, I came up with the idea to try to press the scraps into luxurious linen paper (I also love to paint!). Many experiments later... and the result is stunning!

What I love most is the palpable texture that it adds to a traditional 2D artform like painting or drawing.

fiber textured paper

This recycled linen "paper" is handmade and pressed in Pittsburgh, PA using the tiniest scraps of linen fabric that are leftover from sewing projects. The beauty of each fiber is not to be wasted.


Our recycled linen paper is very textured compared to traditional fine art papers.

It works great with the following paints:

  • Acrylic

  • Guache

  • Block-printing ink

  • Watercolor

  • Charcoal

It also allows for initial sketching and erasing in pencil!

flax paper

Right now, I offer these in a bundle of 4 blank papers. Each page is roughly 4x6" with a deckled (uneven) edge. The artwork in the photos is just for reference to show how paint takes to the paper. Yours will be left blank.

fiber paper

textured paper

I get so excited imagining all the ways this paper can be used. Paintings, drawings, cards, mixed media collage, embroidery, a place for your favorite quote.

I can't wait to see how it transforms as it moves from my hands to yours :)

Ready to try something new?

linen textured paper


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