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Where to find sustainable fashion community

Since I started my sustainable fashion brand in 2020, I've learned about all sorts of places where people "meet" online to discuss slow fashion, sustainable fashion, upcycled fashion, etc.

I'm always trying to be conscious of my screen time, but these online groups are especially fantastic to pop into when I feel like I can't find this kind of connection with anyone IRL. Some entail more passive consumption (like podcasts and youtube) that's great for when we're walking/commuting/working, but there are also community-engaged FB and Reddit groups that post interesting discussion threads and host Buy-Sell-Trade events where tons of members get involved!

These are great places to pick up new recommendations and leave some of your own :)

Every link on my list has been vetted by me as of February 2023... I intentionally don't include blogs or social media accounts that are paid to promote certain brands, or are solely focused on sustainability advocacy-- I assume you're here because you already are bought into the movement, and we don't need to be reminded of the dark side of fast fashion every single day.

If you are looking for a sustainable fashion community, I recommend checking these out!

Sustainable Fashion Community Groups:

Facebook groups:

Slow Fashion Chat - BST (focused on adult clothing)

The Slow Clothing Movement B/S/T and Chat (focused more on kids' clothing)

Reddit forums: (broader than just clothing, but sometimes posts on slow fashion, mending, etc)


For people who sew (or just like to follow handmade biz)


NTA - Unfiltered Fashion Talks (Interviews with handmade and sustainable fashion brands)

Bookhou (Mending techniques)

Soft Bulk / Heidi Parkes (Quilters, but the way they chat about their work is so calming and inspiring! They all make rather untraditional quilts through upcycled fabrics)


NTA - Unfiltered Fashion Talks (Interviews with handmade and sustainable fashion brands)

Fashion Half-Cut (Interviews with people in the pattern-cutting (pattern making) community-- I really love this one!)

Facebook: Sewing Group (I LOVE this group - lots of posts about sewing with linen, sewing patterns, threads, etc).


I wish I had even more recommendations! (For my own sake, I especially wish there were more groups geared toward those of us with little handmade fashion brands!)

Maybe they are already out there...

Let's grow this list together over time!

Have any recommendations for online spaces where we can connect with the sustainable fashion community? Please leave it in the comments below! If I try it out and think it's cool, I'll add it to the list above!

If you'd like to be a part of my little micro-community where I share behind the scenes of my slow fashion brand, offer tips and tricks for garment care, and offer you custom-sized, naturally dyed garments, you can follow along on the Charlie Darwin Instagram, or even better, join my email list so you don't miss a beat!


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