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Welcome aboard!

We really appreciate that you're willing to get your hands dirty and dig into this project with us🖐️

Two things are happening now:

Thing #1:There's an important email hitting your inbox that we don't want you to miss (it has your next steps!)

Check your inbox: You're about to get a welcome email 📧 with some fun details (this can take around 5 minutes to arrive (please check spam/junk just in case).

Thing #2: We have a short survey we'd love to have you fill out while you wait for that email.

In the time you spend waiting, you can tell us some easy-peasy stuff about you! Also, we may even send you a little surprise in your experiment kit for filling this out! 🙀

Shirt-to-Dirt survey
Getting to know you...
What reason BEST describes why you decided to join us for this experiment?
How did you find out about the Shirt-to-Dirt experiment?

We've got your response. Thanks for submitting!

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